HZO Heads East for the Wearable Tech Expo NYC

Chris Weed with drone outside HZO headquarters

Chris Weed with drone outside HZO headquarters

We’re on the road this week to see our friends and meet new ones at Wearable Tech Expo in NYC. We’ve been to quite a few wearable events over the past year and always come away intrigued by the product innovation and how companies continue to push boundaries of what is possible.

HZO recognizes the enormous potential of wearables and believes that emerging ideas will change the way data is captured and integrated into helping understand and improve our lives. We believe for companies to grow they need to provide real product differentiation and we hope to provide our HZO value-added technology to many of these products.

Given this is our second time participating at Wearable Tech NYC, we wanted to up the ante and become part of the dialogue, so we sent our charismatic HZO Director of Business Development, Chris Weed. Chris takes pride in understanding markets and trends and uses that understanding to forge new relationships with customers and partners.

As a self-described gadget nerd (here he is with his drone at our HZO headquarters), Chris took an early interest in wearables. Don’t miss him on the panel discussion “Why Wearables Are Slated To Become a $50B market” on Wednesday, July 23rd starting at 11 a.m.

If you have time, stop by our booth.  We’d like to meet and introduce you to HZO.

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