Protecting Electronics from the Eye of the Storm

Over this past weekend typhoon Chan-hom bore down on China. While a good portion of the Zhejiang province was either hunkering down to weather the storm or evacuating coastal cities, HZO was sending a team in that direction to attend Mobile World Congress, Shanghai.

It’s a strange coincidence that the company quickly becoming known for protecting electronics from watery conditions and foul weather is sending a team into the eye of the storm to exhibit at one of the world’s premier consumer electronics events.

That said, we’re happy to hear that the effects on China were relatively moderate considering the severity of the storms that were lined up.

One flight cancellation and three delays later, our man from HZO headquarters in Utah is safely on the ground with our colleagues from Shenzhen. Seems like an opportune time to talk about the real value in making sure electronics everywhere are protected from the conditions known to destroy them.

Be safe out there everyone.


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