HZO Heads to Korea to Broaden its Relationship with LED Makers

Posted on June 19th, 2015 by

We tend to think that the events HZO participates in are exciting (at least we get excited), but there is always something special about attending a show that we’ve never been to before. Whether it’s a newly discovered event in an industry we’re already working in like Wearables, or a market with new growth potential that we’re about to explore for the first time, new shows with new opportunity in new places always gets us a little giddy.


Here we go again. Next week marks the first time that the team will participate in the LED EXPO in South Korea.

As its name suggests, the LED EXPO focuses on one thing and one thing only; LEDs. Over 350 companies from almost 20 countries flock to the Kintex (Korean International Exhibition Center) to show off everything that is new and good in the world of LEDs.

LED products are poised to take the place of legacy light sources in virtually all general lighting uses, both indoors and out. LEDs used in outdoor applications like electronic billboards, signage, and scoreboards are exposed to extreme environmental conditions and if they aren’t protected they will fail. That’s where HZO is starting to make a positive impact in LED markets.

By using patent pending processes and a single step coating system, HZO is innovating the way LEDs are being protected by doing more to help reduce costs and extend the life of LEDs in the world’s most corrosive environments. It’s the ideal coating solution for LED boards of any kind.

The tickets are bought, our bags are packed, next stop Korea!

You can find us at Booth F-16 at Kintex,  June 23-26.

Jal itsuh.

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