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Posted on September 1st, 2015 by

Unknown-3When most people hear about a tech company they tend to associate it with Silicon Valley. Fair enough, given the prevalence of tech giants headquartered along the 101 from San Francisco through San Jose. Still, we’re partial to the tech catalysts and entrepreneurs who are our neighbors along the Wasatch Front, the place that HZO calls home.

Today we highlight three of our technology neighbors, none of whom we are currently working with, but each that we would be proud to call a customer.

Unknown-2Owlet Baby Care: It’s a universal truth; there’s nothing more precious than babies, and it is hard to argue that creating a product that monitors baby health is a bad idea. This cool company, Owlet Baby Care, recently closed its Series A round of funding, which will help it further develop its smart baby sock, a device that monitors infant vital signs including heart rates and oxygen levels. The product is intended for both home and hospital use. Icing on the baby sock? Owlet also received a generous government grant from the National Institute of Health.

Unknown-1Venafi: This Company defines itself as the immune system for the Internet, protecting the foundation of all cyber security including the keys and certificates, so they cannot be misused. Maybe why we like this company a lot is because it follows the same logic as HZO. HZO inoculates electronics against silicon-based organisms, much as Louis Pasteur did over 130 years ago when vaccinating people against carbon-based organisms.

UnknownContour: Most people know GoPro, the adventure seeker’s action camera that did not even exist a decade ago, but has built itself into a multi-billion dollar juggernaut with a consumer focus and a clear strategy. Enter Utah-based Contour. While Contour on its own faced a daunting challenge to go head-to-head against GoPro, it recently merged with New Jersey-based Ion Cameras. The merged company takes a portfolio approach, offering POV cameras for both a high-end and budget-minded consumer. We’ll be watching.

Good luck to Owlet, Venafi, Coutour and all of our neighbors in the Silicone Slopes area.

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