HZO Investor Profile: Horizons Ventures

horizions_ventures_logoThink about your typical morning. Does it go something like this?

You wake up to your favorite playlist on Spotify and roll over to grab your tablet to see what’s new on Facebook. After getting your social fix, you snap on your MisFit Wearable to track your morning run while telling Siri to resume playing the audio book you were listening to. After finishing your morning routine, you use Waze to find the best route into work and quickly check the news in your Summly feed at stoplights.

If this scenario sounds remotely familiar, then every day you interact with one of the companies that has invested in HZO, Horizons Ventures. The Hong Kong based venture capital firm opened its doors in 2006 and has been making notable new technology investments ever since. Horizons Ventures handles the private investments of Li Ka-shing, a notable and successful businessman, investor and philanthropist.

Horizons Ventures seeks out disruptive technology focused start-ups that are driving positive changes for the future; these start-ups also have a track record of becoming household names after several years. Recent investments by the company include Hampton Creek Foods, Impossible Foods, Viv Labs and Muufri; the company also invests in companies in finance, artificial intelligence, mobile, and security.

Horizons Ventures was one of the first companies to invest in HZO in late 2011 by purchasing a $3 million stake in HZO as part of a preferred equity investment. Patrick Poon represents Horizons Ventures on HZO’s Board of Directors.

HZO is proud to have a technology venture capital firm such as Horizons Ventures as a backer of its amazing technology and looks forward to its support as HZO continues to become a household name for electronics protection.


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