HZO Investor Profile: Iron Gate Capital

What do an e-commerce company that serves emerging apparel brands (Branded Online), a post bill audit and recovery service for large hospitals (AcuStream), an artificial heart company (Syncardia Systems) and a fast-casual restaurant chain (Smashburger) have in common? Each of these companies, along with HZO, is a member of Iron Gate Capital’s exclusive portfolio, the lead investor in HZO’s Series II growth funding.

 HZO is fortunate to have access to the savvy partners of Iron Gate, a private equity firm comprised of seasoned operating executives who invest their own capital in compelling opportunities. Iron Gate’s strategy is to target companies with proven products that meet real market needs, making no investments in either seed or early stage venture deals. This investment validates that HZO has cleared major start-up hurdles and is now squarely operating in an accelerating growth stage of development.

In addition to tapping the experience and knowledge of the Iron Gate partners, HZO also has gained access to the firm’s investors and their networks to assist HZO in the management of its dramatic growth. Iron Gate’s impressive group of private investors include both current and retired CEOs and Presidents from highly successful companies across a wide range of industries. HZO is already tapping this collective experience to ensure that we flawlessly execute our customer agreements and continue to be the leading liquid protection solution across industrial applications, life science devices and consumer electronics.

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Ryan Moore

Ryan is a 9-year veteran to the world of protecting electronics from harsh environments and a lover of all things technology.

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