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The preeminent capitalist Henry Ford revolutionized the automotive industry with little input from customers and most people are familiar with his legendary quote:

“If I asked customers what they wanted, they would have told me a faster horse.”

Henry Ford

OK, but some companies just opt out, using Mr. Ford’s famous quote as justification for not asking the customer for any input at all. Not his original intent.

HZO works with all sizes and types of electronics companies from blue-chip consumer device OEMs to Tier-1 automotive suppliers to industrial manufacturers making electronics that are subjected to the most aggressive and corrosive environments imaginable, including salt fog, alkalines and decontamination solutions.

Along with understanding the requirements of our direct business-to-business customers, HZO goes the distance to understand our customers’ customers. Extra work? Certainly. Worth it? Absolutely.

In many cases, particularly with consumer electronics, device makers are under pressure to keep costs down and are constantly pressured to neutralize their bill of materials costs. This condition allows little flexibility to add new innovative technologies. Yet by nature, consumers want more, even if they cannot define what more happens to be.

Following Ford’s logic, HZO does not rely on consumers and end users to tell us what they want. Rather, we work to understand how and where the device or electronic will be used and how the user benefits from having HZO technology included.

Recently HZO talked to consumers to understand places where they would like to use their smartphones and tablets, but were worried about their prized electronics being damaged.

Here’s the best part: not only were users enthusiastic about the protective technology that HZO offers, but also they were willing to pay a premium for variants where the technology was included. In the end it is all about keeping devices functioning at peak performance, no matter the environment or condition.

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