HZO One-Upsmanship: Zealous To Beat Our Best

Posted on March 9th, 2015 by

When we hear the term one upsmanship, typically it is about besting a competitor’s record. Yet, many days here at HZO, we find our technical team collaborating on how to beat ourselves, never resting on past successes. Bottom line, we are zealous in our quest to protect electronics from damage caused by water, sweat, humidity and corrosion.

One of our most recent obsessions is with protecting eReaders. Consumers want to keep all of their devices safe from environmental conditions, yes, but eReaders are a bit different because of some of the places where their owners may choose to  read and enjoy them — the beach, the pool, maybe even in the bathtub. Seems more than reasonable.

So, for a recent series of HZO sponsored tests, we took a popular eReader and applied our technology to protect the sensitive electronics inside. Our test objective: understand how many continuous IPX7 tests (submersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter) the HZO Protected eReader could survive when dunked in tap water. To date, no customer has yet asked us for a protection solution that allows their eReader to be used underwater, but we like to push boundaries.

The results, please. 92. That’s right, the HZO Protected eReader survived and was fully functioning after a dizzying 92 IPX7 cycles*. Right now, our engineers are tearing down the device and analyzing the fail points. When we hear those results, we’ll report them here. Stay tuned.

Pictured below is one of HZO’s lead engineers Heidi Popeck, getting ready to submerse the noted eReader. Heidi spearheaded the continuous IPX7 testing, and has been crucial in unlocking HZO’s dizzying capacity and potential.




*All tests were run during the daytime hours, and device was charged overnight.

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