HZO Patent Portfolio Continues to Expand

Posted on July 1st, 2015 by

HZO’s patent portfolio continues to grow. With more than 200 patent filings and 14 patents issued, the team here at HZO has no intention on slowing that pace. The latest in the IP filing craze has to do with HZO’s equipment. We pride ourselves on being able to deposit our thin-film coating on electronics faster than any other company. So what’s the secret to make that happen?

HZO has developed patented chambers to hold our parylene-based raw material while it goes through the chemical vapor deposition process. These chambers have patents in the U.S. and Taiwan with patents pending in Europe, China, Korea and Japan. These chambers allow for vaporization of the precursor faster and more efficiently, thus providing our customers the ability to coat more products in less time.

Other exciting news is the continued proliferation of our ecosystem patents. We now have 3 patents related to the detection of moisture within an electronic device that will either put your phone in a safe mode or shut it down all-together. Why does HZO bother with these patents in our “ecosystem?” We believe that providing a total water protection or corrosion prevention solution to our customers will help those companies deliver superior products to their end users.

HZO continues to file patent applications related to our ecosystem, process, chemistry and equipment in order to protect and advance the technology that allows electronics to go anywhere.

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