HZO Peace of Mind Protection: LAIPAC

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It’s a brave new world. Seems like each of us is trackable wherever we go. True? Well, yes, true if you have a cell phone that is turned on, but there are populations that

aren’t connected to their mobiles 24/7. Let’s take two: the elderly and those needing constant surveillance. Enter one of our HZO customers, Laipac. Laipac is a Canadian company that manufacturers GPS locators for a number of target customers, including criminals under house arrest and the elderly needing patient monitoring. We have been working on protection solutions with Laipac for two of its devices including its S911 Bracelet and its LOLA, a small unobtrusive device worn on a lanyard around a patient’s neck.

Focusing specifically on the elderly market, Laipac devices not only offer peace of mind to care givers but also offers more security to the patient. Using the HZO Protected versions of either the 911 Bracelet or the LOLA, people who use these devices can be assured that they will work after accidental exposure to water, other liquid, and humidity. HZO collaborated with Laipac on protection alternatives and we recently introduced its management team to one of our manufacturing partners located in Taiwan. All of our customers, including Laipac, may leverage HZO’s manufacturing, supply chain, and engineering expertise for protecting electronics.

While Laipac devices are not yet widely available in the U.S., customers throughout much of the world including Canada, Europe, Latin America and Austraila can purchase Laipac GPS locators. Look for the ones that are HZO Protected.

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