HZO Protected: Patent Proliferation

As a cutting edge technology company, HZO invests considerable resources into creating stronger solutions that add real value to electronics. By delivering a superior level of protection that enables design freedom, HZO is helping device makers and manufacturers solve real challenges that arise when introducing a protective solution.

While R&D plays a critical role in the advancement of our mission, we also know that in emerging markets it is imperative to protect every system within an organization. That’s why our legal team works diligently to file for patent protection on all of HZO’s innovations, including everything from equipment and chemical formulations to process and technical ecosystems.

As of this writing HZO has 166 Global Patent Filings, and that number is consistently expanding in new areas of research, product enhancement, and technology advancement.

Here’s a quick peek into the current HZO IP Portfolio:

In the U.S.
HZO is a small but growing company that has been able to successfully build a diverse patent portfolio.  The company recently received a sensor patent in the U.S. specific to moisture detection and reaction. This issued patent will allow an electronic device, and more specifically a mobile electronic device, to detect and react to moisture in order to help prevent damage.

A granted patent of this kind puts a spotlight on HZO’s technical ability to protect devices from damage caused by liquids and corrosive environments. In addition, it also demonstrates HZO’s push for greater innovation to meet the demands of end users who are seeking to align their lifestyle and work demands with devices that are safe to use anywhere.

Around the World
In the global market, HZO recently received patent grants on the chemical composition of our protective technology.  This is the coating that makes it possible for HZO to protect devices and components from exposure to elements that ordinarily destroy electronics.

In addition, HZO has been granted patents specifically regarding the system and assembly of applying an internal, water-resistant thin film barrier to protect the sensitive hardware of an electronic device.

Continued Innovation
Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with our technology is a priority within every department at HZO, and it’s a mindset that will help the company expand its global patents. The plan for HZO is to accelerate, not slow down, and we anticipate a broadening number of patent filings and grants that support our progress and ingenuity. Much of HZO’s patent portfolio is within the public domain, and we welcome anyone to have a look at the gains we are making in IP.

We’re proud to tell clients and potential new business that HZO owns the technology outright, while building on existing technologies and respecting the IP rights of others.  As invested stakeholders accountable for our own success, we work diligently and with pride to improve our solutions and set a high standard for product excellence and reliability.

Electronics manufacturers and the end users of their products shouldn’t be bound by technology that limits design freedom and doesn’t adequately protect against the broad spectrum of potential risks.

That’s a big part of why we believe IP is important to our success. It’s what helps push the boundaries of what’s achievable, and it’s what’s helping secure our path forward as we change the way people use electronics.

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