HZO Protection™ Featured on Deutsche Telekom’s Most Innovative E-Reader Yet – the tolino vision 4 HD

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Deutsche Telekom releases its latest vision HD product featuring HZO technology

Draper, UT – November 10, 2016 –  HZO Inc., the total solutions leader in liquid and environment protection technology, has collaborated with Deutsche Telekom for the third consecutive year to protect its latest e-reader, the tolino vision 4 HD. With three new major features – including HZO Protection™ – the vision 4 HD is the most useful, innovative, and robust e-reader to come out of Europe.

The water protection of the vision 4 HD is made possible by HZO’s patent-protected thin-film coating solution. This allows users to use their tolino vision 4 HD virtually anywhere, anytime, and read worry-free knowing it’s protected from spills, splashes, and the weather.

In addition to the new features of increased storage and an “easy2connect” USB cable, HZO technology ensures that the vision 4 HD keeps a slim profile while offering the water security that readers want.

HZO’s extensive work towards creating the best environment safeguards has made the tolino vision 4 HD ready to take on the harshest and wettest conditions this winter. Its unique Parylene-based coating solution allows it to endure whatever situation it faces.

“Reliability is the key to manufacturing success,” says Simone Maraini, Chief Sales Officer at HZO, Inc. “The fact that this is the third year in a row we’ve worked with Deutsche Telekom shows our commitment to not only the e-reader market, but the manufacturing industry in general.”

“HZO allows us to be able to offer the protection that our customers desire, with a brand they can trust,” says Simon Peter, Head of Product Management at ePublishing.

To learn more about how HZO is protecting electronics and more, visit the company’s website at https://hzo.com/.


About HZO

HZO is a technology solutions and licensing company that provides electronics’ manufacturers and device makers in a range of industries, including consumer, medical, military and industrial, with thin-film security against damage caused by liquid submersion, corrosive environments, humidity, sweat, dust and debris. With a scalable end-to-end solution that supports mass volume production, and a technical team dedicated to innovation and customer success, HZO’s patent-protected solution enables product design freedom, delivers product differentiation and goes beyond the boundaries defined by electronics testing standards like IPX8.

About tolino

The tolino brand is backed by an alliance of the leading German booksellers Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel, Mayersche Buchhandlung and Osiander as well as Libri with about 1,500 linked and independent bookstores across Germany, eBook.de and Deutsche Telekom as the technology and innovation partner. Since its launch in March 2013, the tolino alliance has become a leading brand for digital reading in the German-speaking countries. Internationally, in addition to Austria and Switzerland, tolino is also available in Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. All tolino devices include an open ecosystem with integrated tolino cloud, which does not restrict customers to one particular bookseller when purchasing eBooks. In addition to one of the largest range of German- language eBooks, the tolino partners also offer their customers extensive assistance and services – both online and on site in their stores. In addition to the devices, tolino has also been offering its own attractive self-publishing service since spring 2015.

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