HZO Protects a Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Posted on February 18th, 2015 by

When you have a technology with virtually no bounds, it’s a lot of fun to test the possibilities. Since HZO is able to protect any type electronic device, from health tracking wearables to 40” televisions, we do a lot of testing. Some of it is validation testing on devices we use for demonstrations, other times the tests are aligned to match specific customer requirements. Regardless of the reason, the key to a successful test is reliable performance during and after exposure to wet conditions.

That could be 30 minutes of full submersion in a meter of water (IPX7), or a swim cycle test that exposes electronics to an hour of in-and-out motions five days a week (an HZO internal test for swimmability). When you’re in the business of making waterproof devices, successful performance testing is imperative.

While many of our readers have seen a live demo of an HZO Protected product, we thought we’d share a clip of a recent in-house test of an off the shelf Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 that we Protected to use as a demonstration device. HZO’s technical team deconstructed this device to understand how it was designed, and then developed a solution to make it water safe before putting it back together.

Here are the results: A powerful tablet, under water for 10 minutes, with the back cover still off to highlight the demonstration.

Shouldn’t all electronics be able to perform under these conditions? We think so.

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