HZO Receives Allowed Design Patent

Posted on November 10th, 2015 by

From time to time we write on progress in our patent portfolio, a key focus area for HZO. With the vision to create an HZO Protected World, we continue refining our patent approach. Rather than racing to file application after application, our patent attorney, Jeff Holman, takes an analytical approach, rating and scoring HZO ideas across a number of factors. We watch for the moments when Jeff and our R&D team collide (in a good way): That’s when we know we’ve struck pioneering technology, the place where our R&D team dwells.

HZO Patent Protected TechnologyIn addition to total filing metrics, Jeff emphasizes the value of an idea and how a particular patent may add to HZO’s competitive advantage. As ideas and inventions are developed and discussed, he thinks about patent families – the set of applications that may be taken to multiple countries to protect related inventions. Putting this in context, HZO has filed nearly 260 applications across 39 patent families, protecting its intellectual property in many regions of the world including the U.S., China, Japan and other top manufacturing countries.

Jeff Holman

As patent applications go through multiple stages of examination that can potentially take years, a new company like HZO learns the operative word of patience. But, as the adage goes, good things come to those who wait. We’re proud to announce that HZO recently received notice of a new “allowed” design patent application, meaning that the assigned patent examiner determined HZO has met all requirements to have the inventive design patented. The allowed application is for a particularly exciting design. Our R&D team invented a novel way to deliver our Parylene chemistry via HZO’s proprietary equipment.

With many more application families under global examination, our hats are off to Jeff and our technical team, who keep HZO on the forefront of providing the solutions that can protect electronics of all sizes and level of complexity.

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