HZO Receives KES Innovation Award for Best Product of the Year

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It’s been a big week for HZO on the small Korean peninsula. Yesterday we announced that the company has introduced a new application facility in S. Korea, today we will be showcasing our liquid protection solutions to the world at the 45th annual Korea Electronics Show (KES), and tonight the company will be recognized as the 2014 KES Innovation Award Winner for Best Product of the Year.

Phew! (We borrowed the image to the right from the KES website to show how excited we are.)

HZO Wins Award at 2014 KES

Image credit to KES.org

KES takes place October 14-17th in Goyang, S. Korea. The event anticipates over 70,000 visitors and more than 800 exhibitors from 22 countries around the world.

As a consumer electronics show focused on the next generation of electronics, sensors, wearable devices and more, many of the world’s largest brands and manufacturers attend and exhibit at KES, showing off the latest and greatest gadgets and technologies.

It’s in the company of some of the world’s top electronics makers that HZO is honored to be given top accolades from the event organizers as the technology that stands out as a leader among so many other innovative products and services.

The award will be presented to HZO for the thin film nanotechnology solutions the company provides to manufacturers and device makers, protecting electronics from damage and failure caused by exposure to water and other liquids, humidity, corrosion, dust and debris. It’s advanced protection for the future of electronic devices and products, capable of going well beyond defined standards like IPX7 and IP67.

A big thanks goes out to all those who work so hard to make HZO such a remarkable technology. That includes the valued partners we work with who believe in our technology and help us validate its power by applying it to their products. Here’s to you.

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