HZO Submerges 40″ LED Display at LED Expo 2015

Posted on July 2nd, 2015 by

HZO LED EXPO 2015HZO recently returned from the before mentioned LED Expo in South Korea to exhibit what we have to offer to the LED market in terms of superior corrosion prevention and water protection. By using patent pending processes and a single step coating system, HZO is innovating the way LEDs are being protected by doing more to help reduce costs and extend the life of LEDs in the world’s most corrosive environments.

In order to help demonstrate this to participants in the show, HZO applied our protective thin film material to a customized 40″ LED display and submerged it all four days of the event. The  demonstration was an idea similar to the 40″ televisions on display at CES 2015 that featured exposed PCBA boards and connectors coated with HZO Technology. The results were what you might expect: shock and awe.

The LED market is no stranger to protecting electronics from water, moisture, humidity and other environmental conditions. At the show were various displays of tightly sealed lights and transformers submerged to illustrate their IP67 and IPx7 ratings for high corrosion, rain and humid environments. Our panel got extra attention, however, because often these seals wear down or crack over time, causing failure as the moisture creeps in and destroys the electronics inside.

When electronics are protected at the board level, it doesn’t matter if water gets in. The components are secure all the way to the core, offering great primary or secondary protection. Visitors could see instantly that board level protection was possible, and valuable.

The next couple of weeks will be busy talking with our various contacts made in Korea about how HZO can help them in their quest for corrosion prevention. We’re excited to see what this new market of LED protection will bring to an HZO Protected World.


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