HZO Technology as a Redundant Protection

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For decades, Parylene has been one of the most reliable and best performing conformal protective layers available for protecting digital devices and other components from liquids and corrosion. But the price and complexity of making it available to a wider range of markets has always been a challenge.

HZO has been working to change that, making the technology viable in new industries by building systems that support high throughput manufacturing, and becoming experts at total solution development. Sometimes that means our customers are willing to make a full-fledged commit to HZO technology after they learn about our unique position, and occasionally they decide to dip a toe to test the performance.

Bridging the Confidence Gap

Over the years, HZO has worked with several companies that had tried designing in mechanical seals, using ultrasonic welding and applying other conformal protective layers to assemblies in an effort to prevent failures caused by corrosion.

By the time these companies learned about HZO, they’d already experienced through trial and error that when products made it into the hands of real world end users, the durability of seals and other protective layers was not what they’d hoped for.

Two companies in particular, NavELite and Dell, came to HZO with a challenge. Prove the power of our Parylene solution alongside a protection method that was already integrated into the product.

Two Examples of Redundant Protection

Image Courtesy of NavELite

Image Courtesy of NavELite

1. For NavELite it was a mechanical seal and a weld that was being used to encapsulate the casing of this specialized military compass. But when the device was taken in the field the way it was intended to be used, failures were still occurring. HZO was able to protect the device so well from exposure to water and sweat that NavElite eventually abandoned the welding all together. The result was a coated version that outsold the uncoated one 9:1 at a $50 price premium.

Image courtesy of Dell

Image courtesy of Dell

2. Dell is one of the latest companies HZO has announced it is working with, helping to protect the Latitude 12 Ruggedized Tablet. As a high performing and durable industrial grade field tablet, Dell had tested different methods to help them obtain their objectives of less expensive, lighter and faster.

Most of the internal technology in the tablet have HZO protection, but Dell made the decision to maintain some of the existing methods inside the device. If the HZO coated components inside perform the way we know our solutions can, we hope to keep helping Dell shed a little extra weight on this and other products the company creates.  

Whether used as a redundant protection for digital devices that have existing protection technologies already integrated, or adopted as a stand-alone solution for protection against environmental hazards and corrosion, the technical team at HZO can help.

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