HZO Technology Day at Motorola

After the announcement last week that HZO thin-film technology provides the water and sweat proofing for the new Moto Surround Wireless Earbuds, we held a Technology Day at Motorola’s offices in downtown Chicago. During the course of the event, we had the privilege of meeting many members of Motorola’s technical team who design and develop some of the world’s best consumer electronics.

With employees streaming in to hear more about HZO, we were more than a little proud to start the conversation by announcing that Motorola chose HZO as the technology to offer superior protection the company’s newly introduced wireless earbuds. The venue also reminded us about the team effort and collaboration it takes to create a world-class device, including engineers from hardware to antennas, materials to RF, reliability to software and so much more.

As a consumer device maker, Motorola has done a superb job putting themselves in the proverbial user’s sneakers – thinking through the use cases of where owners would want to take the Moto Surround and make that a reality.

Sometimes our devices become too precious and we can’t take them everywhere we’d like to go. That’s unfortunate. Our advice? Visit your local retailer or go to Motorola’s website and treat yourself to the new Moto Surround Wireless Earbuds with HZO Protection; then venture out into the world, enjoying your conversations and music to the max. Rock on.

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Motorola and HZO 

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