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By Ryan Moore

Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Ryan Moore and I am the latest blogger proud to be writing for HzO. I’ll be bringing you the latest gadget news and trends with my own take on the information and look forward to hearing your thoughts as well. I’m a art director and graphic designer by trade, but have always held shiny technology close to my heart and jump at any chance to talk (and write) about it. Some of you may be familiar with my work over at The Official ZAGG Blog and other publications. I hope you’ll add this blog to your feeds as I and others will be updating frequently with the latest musings on tech and of course the latest developments coming out of HzO.

There is an age old saying* that you can get to know a person by what apps they use. Well, what a better way for us to get acquainted than by me listing my favorite apps that I’ve discovered in recently months that you may enjoy as well. Most are Mac and iPhone centered but you may find what you are looking for on other platforms as well.

*(no such saying exists, but sounds great for the purpose of this post)

Day One (iOS $1.99, Mac OSX $9.99):

The first pick out of my new finds is a great app called Day One. This journaling application focuses on capturing your thoughts in a simple, beautiful diary interface. Available on your iOS devices as well as the Mac, this program allows you to start an entry on one gadget and pick up where you left off on another via iCloud or Dropbox syncing. Basically think of making quick entries on your iPhone throughout the day, then typing up a more detailed inner monologue when you get home. With reminders, calendar view, and inspirational messages as well as future support for photos and tags, this is definitely worth checking out if you have a desire to journal in any form. With this great app, I’ve been able to keep my 2012 resolution of daily journal entries with more ease than I could have imagined.

Moom (Mac OSX, $4.99):

One of the banes and blessings of being a designer is needing to have “everything in its right place.” Some days it seems I’m spending half my day fine tuning the many open windows on my 27″ iMac to attempt to have a productive session. A couple of days ago, Moom came to my rescue in a big way. This slick Mac only app allows you to quickly resize your windows along a pre-defined grid via the keyboard or mouse. The greatest thing about Moom is the ability to fine tune the experience to what works best for you. You can even save snapshots of windows, enabling you to put a program right where you want it with the entry of a personalized key combination. To be honest, since I just discovered Moom, I’m still learning all the tricks, but everything I’ve learned so far makes it that much better and has rocketed it to one of my most used applications.

SpringPad (Your Favorite Browser, iOS, Android; Free):

In the same vein as above of over the top organization, a new favorite app of mine is SpringPad. This information capturing program promises to give you a proper place for every random thought, URL, grocery list or personal inventory you’ve been carting in your forgetful mind. I’ve been an avid user of Evernote for years and was relatively happy with the service until I realized that the majority of my entries were lists. If you are familiar with Evernote, you’ll know that it isn’t the best at housing such a format but prefers a wordprocessing input as its base entry system. Fine tuning my finger placement on the iPhone app to get the list “just right” began to wear on me and I was happy to locate another solution. With SpringPad you can make a list format as well as have templates for products, URLs, recipes, etc.. all customized to your needs. SpringPad will even alert you when movies you’ve entered are available on Netflix, when a product you wanted is on sale on Amazon, etc.. It may not be for everyone, but it has definitely helped me better organize my minutiae of information.

Action Movie FX (iPhone, Free):

What good would an iPhone be if you just used it for productive tasks? Enter, Action Movie FX. This free app from J.J. Abram’s production company, Bad Robot allows you to film quick clips, then add dramatic special effects on the fly that the finest action movie would be jealous of. Car cut you off during rush hour? Safely pull off the road and film the jerk driving off, thinking he has the last laugh. Then, overlay the film with a missile attack skin targeting and blowing up the arrogant motorist. Virtual satisfaction. Seriously though, this is an amazing app that is as fun as your imagination can conjure. Additional effects are available as $0.99 downloads that are definitely worth checking out.

Well, those are the apps I’ve stumbled across lately. Hopefully you’ve found something that tickles your fancy and better yet, you’ve already bookmarked this blog for future posts. What apps have you found recently that you’d love to tell the world about? Let us know in the comments!

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