HzO Wins CES’ Innovations Design and Engineering Award

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HzO Wins CES’ Innovations Design and Engineering Award


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – January 10, 2012 – In the run up to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas Nevada, HzO—a Utah start-up—received the CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award in ceremonies held in New York City.  The award was given to HzO for its revolutionary WaterBlock™ technology, which protects valuable electronics like smartphones and iPads from water and other liquids.

“This recognition differentiates HzO and WaterBlock™ from other products that claim to seal electronics,” said Paul Clayson, president and chief executive of HzO.  “Unlike those products which seal mechanically or coat from the outside in, WaterBlock™ is a proprietary chemical formulation and an advanced manufacturing process that seals from the inside out.  Our vast patent and IP filings support the proprietary and superior nature of our technology.”

HzO will demonstrate WaterBlock™ at the Las Vegas CES, January 10-13 (Booth 35825), and Clayson will be available for interviews.  HzO’s WaterBlock™ process was called “technology at its best,” in a nationwide broadcast of Good Morning America from the floor of CES on January 9.  Good Morning America introduced HzO’s WaterBlock™ as “one of the hottest gadgets for 2012,” proclaiming, “this is going to save us,” and change the way people use their electronics.



HzO’s proprietary WaterBlock™ is cutting-edge technology that protects valuable electronics from water, humidity, and other liquids. Powerful and invisible, WaterBlock™ protects on the molecular scale. HzO is commercializing WaterBlock in consumer electronics, military, solar energy, first responder devices, marine, industrial and other markets. Consumer devices operating with HzO technology can be viewed in this PC World article and this YouTube video.


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