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A team of HZOers are on the ground in Barcelona this week as we have our HZO technology on display at 2015 Mobile World Congress (MWC). Accompanying our sales team is Ryan Moore, the HZO in-house Creative Marketing Manager, who this week is doubling as HZO Chief Troubleshooter. With MWC raging on, we anxiously await word from Ryan on how things are going. As we read his daily travelogue, we find ourselves gasping and in some cases even laughing out loud, so we thought we’d share a few of yesterday’s highlights. Excerpts from Ryan’s 3-3-15 travelogue (accompanying backstory or explanation in parentheses):

  • Started the day with a breakfast of cured meat, cheese, a baguette…and a danish, but not that Danish.


  • Kurt Zhang went back to the “scene of the crime” this morning at 6:30 AM to see if he could catch who stole his bag. (Yesterday, Kurt’s brief case was stolen, and unfortunately along with the bag he also lost his Chinese passport and his HZO issued laptop. Bummer all the way around.)


  • Possible fixes for tv did not work. Submerged TV #3 with reluctance. Didn’t do bubbles as it was the only difference from CES (violent bubbles here in Barcelona). (Similar to CES, we are using 40” tvs as the device to demonstrate our technology. Do you know how hard it is to submerge a 40” tv in water and still have it run flawlessly? Not hard for HZO, but we did not account for the voltage differences between the US and Europe or plan for possible power interruptions at the exhibit hall. Once we took those factors into account, we were up and running again. We love complex problems like this, and it is what HZO is best known for.)


  • TV #3 reboots after 5 hours. Lights on turntable turn off too. Weed (that’s Chris Weed our Director of Biz Dev, who knows a little bit about technology himself) thinks it may be fluctuating power. We have our trade show partner buy a power regulator and install it in the afternoon. TV survives the remainder of the day. Weed a hero? [Our magic 8 ball says “it is decidedly so”].


  • Install the power converter while Bean (that’s Scott Bean, one of our Consumer Electronics Account Managers) gets an on-site ear consultation from nurse. (Looks like Bean has an ear drum that is about to burst and is not able to travel for at least one week. Get better Bean, we need you.)


  • Simone (that’s Simone Maraini, our HZO Europe President and leader of the HZO Industrial Business Team) makes dinner reservations for 10:30pm (When in Spain……….)


Get some sleep Ryan. Tomorrow promises to be another busy, busy day. Ryan

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