HZO’s Unhealthy Obsession with Water and Corrosion

Posted on August 1st, 2014 by

Every day at HZO we obsess about our work with OEMs and manufacturers to protect electronic components and devices from water damage and its resulting corrosion.

With the dog days of summer in full swing, that got us to thinking about vacations and the masses who take their all important consumer electronics with them to their favorite lake or beach.

While we may not be protecting every product this summer, we hope that by the next, most OEMS will be working to add HZO to their range of products. By adding HZO protection, electronics can go anywhere. Literally anywhere.

We’ll stop obsessing, momentarily, and share some of our favorite water-related songs. There’s some great ones here. Maybe a few are already on your device. If we left off your favorite, email us. Here’s ours.

Enjoy whats left of your summer vacation!


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