Immersive Review of the Moto Surround with HZO Protection

When the Moto Surround earbuds, featuring HZO Protection were released in July, the marketing department here at HZO couldn’t wait to get our hands on a production model and try them out for ourselves. While the product had received rave reviews from many publications, we wanted to take them for a spin ourselves, focusing on the IP57 water protection features made possible by HZO.

It’s one thing to be able to talk about an HZO Protected World, it’s another to live in it. Using the Moto Surround earbuds was just the experience this guy was looking for.

Running in the Rain:
The device touts comfort and superior quality while exercising. But what about going for a run…in the rain? Laying my best judgments aside, I suited up with the device and went for a jog, streaming tunes from my HZO Protected iPhone to keep me motivated in the October downpour. Despite the rain constantly pummeling the device, the earbuds held up as promised without connection issues or problems with sound, and I survived a soggy 30 minutes without interruption thanks to the liquid proof protection.

Working up a Sweat:
Rain? Check. But what about salty liquids? The Moto Surround specifically calls out protection (provided by HZO) from sweat. Not to get too personal, but if you’re looking for the ideal candidate for producing sweat, that would be me. The only electronic failure I’ve ever experienced was due to damage from my own sweat. The victim was a pair of expensive headphones destroyed by sweat running down the wire and into the volume controls. Failure didn’t take long after that. Since then I’ve decided to stick with old or cheap headphones, and I’ll accept the ridicule knowing that I don’t care about damage or failure when the things only cost me $10.

The Moto Surround earbuds, however, ended up being just the solution I was looking for. As my workout progressed, so did the sweat, and the device still kept on pumping. The silicone ear tips stayed securely in my ears, allowing me to stay focused on my Netflix Lost binge, and not have to worry about them slipping out or having to shield the buttons from the salty drips. And thanks to the bluetooth functionality (and really great range) I wasn’t tethered to the treadmill or the elliptical. Bonus.

Unwanted Dust Cloud:
In addition to water protection, HZO protects the The Moto Surround from dust as well. When I set out to perform this review, I had anticipated only testing the device against water and sweat. However, with a general trial of the device, I found myself mowing a lawn that included more patches of dirt than grass. Of course, this kicked up large dust clouds. And of course since sweat is my constant companion, after it was all said and done the Surround and I were both covered in dust and dirt. Just as advertised, the earbuds continued to perform despite the hostile environment and I cleaned the dust and sweat off with a quick wipe down afterwards. If only all other devices performed so well.

The Verdict:
This is by no means a comprehensive review. These were just isolated tests over a very limited amount of time, but my confidence in the product isn’t shaken. I’m confident that as I continue to use the Moto Surround earbuds they will stand up to the moisture and dusty environments that come with everyday living. This means peace of mind for me to exercise and work in any conditions I want, without having to hold back or make sure I take my headphones off. This is thanks to the superior HZO Protection that Motorola chose to include on this innovative little device. I have no doubt that the Moto Surround earbuds with HZO Protection will continue to be a hit, which means that many more people will be able to experience an HZO Protected World.

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