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Posted on November 24th, 2014 by

IDTechEx Wearable Live!

When it comes to technology, change is fast, it’s consistent and it’s altering the way we do things. To be more specific, electronics are thinner, smarter, more durable, more pliable and have an ability to impact the way we live more than ever before. If we weren’t convinced of that already, we certainly are now after spending two days at an exhibition in Santa Clara hosted by the analysts at IDTechEx.

The collocated event played host to a patchwork of industries and companies that all overlap just enough to make it work nicely. From 3D Printing and energy harvesting to printed electronics and wearable tech, the mix brought in exhibitors and attendees from corners of a wide range of industries.

While the alignment of these companies may not seem that obvious, the parallels revealed themselves over the course of the show, and painted a complete picture of how they are all impacting the future of computing and electronics.

The people in these industries know their stuff, and truthfully, the team from HZO didn’t have to spend much time at all explaining the process we use to introduce our technology to electronics. That’s because most of the people we talked to understood chemical vapor deposition (CVD) already—and after a short description of who we are and what we do, everyone we spoke with had a clear idea of how and why HZO is able to provide the most advanced and reliable liquid protection and corrosion prevention technology for electronics.

So can HZO work with the companies making flexible circuits? Yes. Printed electronics? Absolutely. MEMS sensors? Indeed. Bike pedal propelled submarine? Hadn’t really thought about that one before, but sure, why not?

Since we own every piece of our technology outright, the team at HZO is able to do remarkable things to enhance and innovate everything from the chemistry and process to the equipment and full system integrations. Simply put, HZO is a complete solution provider that has the technical chops to take on projects that no one else can.

So in a field of powerful emerging technologies that occupied the exhibition floor at the IDTechEx event, it could be said that HZO fit in nicely. And in the end we developed new connections in fields that are all finding their own way to usher in a new era of use for electronics.

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