Ingredient Brands as a Benefit

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Some of the best products in the world are supported, and even made better, by designing a powerful and supplemental technology right into their designs and then promoting that technology as part of it’s marketing, advertising and brand outreach. The concept is called ingredient branding, and more and more companies are putting emphasis on quality components featured in their products in order to answer consumer demand, add value, differentiate and capture a competitive edge in their respective markets.


This isn’t an idea exclusive to the manufacturing of electronics, it’s a ubiquitous strategy that spans everything from textiles and software to glass and engines.

Like so many of its counterparts that can be classified as such, HZO is also an ingredient brand. We’re a technology, licensing and solutions company that provides a protective coating that serves a very specific role for products, and like so many other ingredient brands, ours is not a feature that’s visible to the naked eye. In the case of consumer electronics and wearable tech, our technology is applied exclusively to the inside of a device, but HZO Protection is optically clear, so even if our coating is on the outside of a component for an industrial or medical application, it cannot be seen or felt.

More than a simple feature, HZO works behind the scenes to protect electronics from damage caused by exposure to water and other corrosive environments. With an advanced technology that provides security beyond the defined testing standards of IPX7 and IP67, HZO is working to become a go-to technology that consumers demand. HZO Protected products will instill a new level of confidence, security and freedom in end users with the potential to become a vital element of a brand’s identity.

Companies have been successfully assimilating as ingredient brands for decades. Any of the following companies ring a bell?

• Intel Inside
• Gore-Tex
• Teflon
• 3M
• NutraSweet
• OnStar
• Hemi
• Dolby
• Android
• Techron





On the path to becoming a more vital element of a brand/product identity, HZO is already honored to be recognized as an important feature on several of our customer products.

One of HZO’s longest standing customers, NavELite, touts HZO Protection on their website and even features the HZO logo directly on their waterproof wrist compass.

More recently, HZO announced its partnership with Deutsche Telekom, protecting the Tolino Vision 2 eReader that just launched in Germany. The Tolino will tout HZO water protection on the packaging and in the corresponding user information, promoting a safe and secure user experience from the beach to the bathtub.

In both cases, our partners identified value in highlighting HZO as an ingredient brand that adds a valuable consumer benefit to their product–water protection that goes beyond splashes and spills and accidents.

Knowing that we can help companies and manufacturers solve real world challenges with product design and market differentiation puts HZO in the trenches to become the kind of household brand that consumers, equipment users and industry professionals demand on their most valuable equipment and electronics. The best ingredient brands instill a level of security and confidence that complements the product it supports, and if that’s not symbiosis, well, we don’t know what is.

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