Intern Highlight – Joseph Holder

Mallory McGuinness | August 11, 2020

At HZO, protecting what matters most to you matters most to each of us. We wanted to pull back the curtain and show you how we work together to do this, so we asked a few of our interns to weigh in.

The third blog in this series features Joseph Holder as he discusses what it’s like to be a R&D Engineering Intern at HZO:

1. What college do you attend, what is your major, and what do you hope to do with your degree? 

I am a Senior, majoring in Chemical Engineering at NC State University, where I have also completed a Minor in Music Performance on the tenor saxophone. When I graduate, I hope to get a full-time engineering position, and eventually, I would like to earn my Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering.

2. What does your intern position entail? What tasks are you working on?

As an intern, I am a Research and Development engineer with the HALO Team. Currently, I am researching new techniques, methodologies, and coating materials that we hope to bring to the market in the future.

3. What do you like about the internship?  

I like many things about this internship! I am researching a lot of very cool, innovative projects that have the potential to shape the future, strategic direction of the company. I enjoy the exposure that the interns have gotten internally and externally through LinkedIn. Also, I like the size of the company right now, and how our senior leadership team is always in the office and willing to have conversations with the interns. Lastly, I like working with the R&D team on projects. They are all so friendly and helpful to me.

Joseph playing tenor saxophone.

4. What has been a challenge about working here?  

One challenge has been the plasma coating projects that I am working on. They are very advanced, and when we run into problems, initially, it can be hard to diagnose the issues because our technology is so distinctive. Unique problems require unique solutions, and those can be hard to find sometimes.

5. What advice would you give to anyone interested in working at HZO in the future? 

Some advice that I would give to anyone interested in working at HZO is: if you do not know how to solve a problem, talk to someone about it. There are so many intelligent people that work at HZO, so someone is bound to have a solution or will know something that will lead to a solution. Another piece of advice is that you should be ready for rapid changes. Being a tech company, we are going through lots of changes every day, and so is the tech market. You cannot get frustrated with the changes and must be flexible in fast-paced situations to be successful with HZO.

There are so many intelligent people that work at HZO, so someone is bound to have a solution or will know something that will lead to a solution.

Mallory McGuinness

Mallory is an electronics protection evangelist who writes content for HZO. In her free time she is reading non-fiction, and hanging out with her beta fish, King Awesome.

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Ryan is a 9-year veteran to the world of protecting electronics from harsh environments and a lover of all things technology.

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