Intern Highlight – Mariah Mook

Mallory McGuinness | August 4, 2020

At HZO, protecting what matters most to you matters most to each of us. We wanted to pull back the curtain and show you how we work together to do this, so we asked a few of our interns to weigh in.

The second blog in this series features Mariah Mook as she discusses what it’s like to be a Project Coordination Intern at HZO:

1. What college do you attend, what is your major, and what do you hope to do with your degree? 

Proud graduate of East Carolina University (Go Pirates!), I am currently a first-year graduate student at North Carolina State University, pursuing an MS in Mechanical Engineering. With my advanced education, I want to tackle complex problems and create an impact within the engineering field.

2. What does your intern position entail? What tasks are you working on?

I am the project coordination intern. My role involves working on creating a workbook/dashboard to track ongoing projects in the technology department.

3. What do you like about the internship?  

 I really like how this internship has given me so many opportunities to learn and grow. Creating a workbook to track projects has given me the opportunity to gain professional feedback from so many people. I like being able to see the project come together with each review and feature request. 

Mariah with her friends at their favorite spot on campus. 

4. What has been a challenge about working here?  

The remote working environment has been an adjustment, especially when it comes to understanding how a company like HZO operates. However, navigating HZO, with the help of awesome mentors, has helped increase my exposure and understanding of the company.

4. What advice would you give to anyone interested in working at HZO in the future?  

Ask questions! Everyone at HZO is enthusiastic and receptive to answering questions and giving advice. Everyone is passionate about HZO and willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

I really like how this internship has given me so many opportunities to learn and grow.

Mallory McGuinness

Mallory is an electronics protection evangelist who writes content for HZO. In her free time she is reading non-fiction, and hanging out with her beta fish, King Awesome.

Ryan MooreRyan Moore

Ryan is a 9-year veteran to the world of protecting electronics from harsh environments and a lover of all things technology.

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