IP and Cookies–A Patent Benchmark for HZO

To say you’re part of a tech company that is innovative has really turned into a cliche description. Any organization can say it, and in fact, we all try and use that buzz word to describe the way we think and operate. HZO included.

What matters though is whether or not a company lives up to the claim, and actually performs in a way that validates with action.

Last week marked another milestone here at HZO as the company recognized its 200th patent filing, spanning 34 patent families. From process and chemistry to equipment and ecosystem, this is the kind of exciting achievement that adds more credibility to our claims of being an innovative, technology licensing and solutions company.

When compared to tech behemoths that file thousands of patents a year, a few hundred filings may not seem like much. But for a company our size, just a few years old, with just under 25 total filings at the end of 2011, this is exponential IP growth. If you can’t tell, we’re feeling a bit proud today. Hats off to the people within the HZO ranks that work tirelessly to improve and advance the the fabric of our work.

To celebrate the occasion our fun-loving legal team treated the company to some of the most delectable sugar cookies we’ve ever eaten. If there were ever inspiration through sugar, this is it, and just a little more incentive to continue pushing toward greater benchmark achievements with our waterproofing technology.

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