iPad 3: What we (maybe) know

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By Ryan Moore

Can you feel it in the air? Yes, spring is coming and with it comes the fresh scent of Apple iPad rumors.

If you are unfamiliar with the general Apple rumor mill, here is how it works: months before the usual time Apple releases a particular product, whispers and vague sources begin reporting possible details of the upcoming device. Usually the farther away from the release the more outlandish the rumor. However, as the purported event looms nearer, clearer possible details begin to emerge which are often times confirmed by notable pundits in the industry. It is even speculated that Apple will purposely leak some information they want to stoke the fire their way. Either way, rumors are thrown out there by many and they will be verified or squashed come the day of the particular release.

The iPad updates have historically taken place in March so we are right in the thick of what will come to pass and what is merely hearsay. Notable individuals in the Mac and tech community have begun to speak out their own “information” and confirmed others so now is a good time to sit up and listen to see what Apple may be offering in the near future. These individuals have amazing track records with information on previous product releases, so what they say could very well be truth. Lets review the latest:

Date of the event:

Apple historically has held a special event where the press, employees and other celebrities are invited to be a part of when they unveil their latest creation, in this case, the iPad 3. The company famously sends out creative invitations for the occasion to a select few in the media with usually less than a weeks notice. The Apple focused site, iMore.com recently claimed they had received a tip that the iPad 3 event would be Wednesday, March 7th. Jim Dalrymple of “The Loop” confirmed this guess with a simple “yep” on his site, which because of his success with confirming rumors in the past, all but confirms this date.

iPad 3 specs and features:

Okay, so a possible date has been nailed down, so what will they show off? What will the iPad 3 have that will make you want to stomp on your iPad 2 in disgust at its aged-ness? The first is a retina display.

In 2010 the iPhone 4 debuted with an amazing high density screen that made the images on the phone look as if they had been printed on. Ever since the public laid eyes on this engineering marvel, they have desired to have it on a larger scale on the iPad. According to Bloomberg and others, they will soon get their wish as many say this is a for sure on the next tablet from Apple.

Along with the promise of a clearer screen and mention of a faster processor comes the Wall Street Journal claiming that the iPad 3 will feature LTE connection speeds on both the AT&T and Verizon phone networks. In other words, much quicker browsing when you are out and about.

Still hazy:

Although most of these rumors are safe to assume (though nothing is for sure until we see it) there are still some reports out there that some journalists are still not convinced about. The main being a persistent rumor that Apple is working on and will release a smaller sized iPad some time this year. It definitely could be the case, but many argue that this would fragment Apple’s already growing array of resolutions that developers need to design for. As with all things though, time will tell.

What do you think? Do you see Apple releasing a high resolution LTE iPad on March 7th? What about a smaller iPad? What would you like to see in the next iPad? Let us know in the comments.

Image Source: MacRumors.com

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