iPhone 5, Galaxy, and Windows Phone Cases for Every Christmas List

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iPhone 5, Galaxy, and Windows Phone Cases for Every Christmas List

The holiday season is a time for giving, but putting together a little wish list of your own can’t hurt either! If a shiny, new smartphone is on your Christmas list this year, you may want to consider asking Santa for one of these cool cases to go with it. Nobody wants to spend the day after Christmas in line at the Apple Genius Bar mourning over the loss of an already cracked iPhone.

ReadyCase– $45

This handy case, currently only for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5, is more like a Swiss Army Knife than a cell phone case. It provides owners with a built in USB stick, headphone cord clip, a multi-tool with a bottle-opener, a flat-head screwdriver, standard and serrated knife blades, and the option to add swap-able macro, wide, and fisheye lenses for the iPhone’s already excellent camera (Whew!). This case is currently available for pre-order, and is preparing to be shipped in early 2013. What is the downside to this cool little case? It has no inherent water protection or rugged capabilities, so don’t expect your iPhone to stand up against water damage in the toilet or a cracked screen after falling off your lap.

Zenus Galaxy Note 2 Masstige Color Point Diary Series– $44.99

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been named one of the most innovative devices to come out of 2012, so why not give this phablet the attention it deserves? This case is a wallet or purse replacement – which is a nice touch when considering the Galaxy Note 2’s massive size – features a leather finish and several pockets on the inside for cards, ID’s, and cash. This wallet case also comes in three colors for the fashion conscious- Jazz Grey, Black Chocolate, and Orange.

HTC Windows Phone 8X Defender Series Case– $49.95

Otter Box has been a “go-to” manufacturer of rugged mobile phone cases for anyone looking for solid cellphone protection, and this case for the HTC Windows Phone 8X is no different. If you don’t mind the fact that an Otter Box case will add a lot of bulk to your Windows Phone 8X, you can count on this sturdy plastic and silicone case to guard your device against scratches, bumps, dust, and dirt. Keep in mind that the Otter Box Defender cases are not waterproof or water resistant, so don’t expect your phone to survive a dunk in the bathtub even with this beefy case on.

Hex Stealth Card Case for iPhone 4/4S– $34.95

Who says the iPhone needs NFC technology? This sleek case can hide any tap-to-pay-enabled card in a handy back compartment, allowing you to make contact-less purchases at approved vendor locations. This case is thin, lightweight, and the hidden compartment can also be used to conceal an ID or extra cash in place of a bulky wallet. This case won’t provide much in the way of iPhone protection from water damage – or any type of damage for that matter – but, fans of minimalist case designs will appreciate being able to leave their wallet at home.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Invisible Shield Extreme Screen Protector
– $29.99

So this one isn’t technically a case for the Samsung Galaxy S3, but for those looking to go with a minimalist approach to gadget protection it’s definitely something to consider. ZAGG is among the top manufacturers on the market for screen protectors and their newest creation, the Invisible Shield Extreme, has added a new shock absorbent layer to its already nearly scratch-proof screen protectors. These invisible shields have been dropped, hammered with nails, and purposely scratched with knives to prove their protective powers. These protectors won’t protect your phone from dirt, dust, or water damage. But, if cracked screens are your fear, you can sleep well at night knowing that your phone is covered.

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