Is Your Waterproof Phone Swimmable?

Posted on August 6th, 2014 by

It’s August and it’s hot. When it gets like this, a lot of us at HZO take our kids and make a beeline for the local swimming pool.

This past weekend when our Consumer Electronics team leader, Chris Bryant, was at the pool, he was mulling over new ways to show the superiority of HZO technology when it comes to protecting electronics from water and its resulting corrosion. He started hatching a plan. What if he took his HZO protected mobile phone, turned on the video feature, and threw it into the pool? Hmmm.

With his 6-year old daughter, Ella, practicing underwater swimming, Chris asked if she could swim to the bottom of the pool and retrieve the phone once he tossed it in. Ah, dad, no problem. Splash. In goes the phone. Watch how HZO technology protected Chris’ phone from a dip in the water.

HZO is the only technology company that can provide that level of protection to device makers, and we are promoting the power of our technology and working with device makers to make it happen. Honestly, don’t you wish all the electronic devices you owned could survive a trip to the bottom of the pool?

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A special thanks to Ella Bryant for her excellent swimming skills and willingness to participate in this video.





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