Kayaker and Adventurer Mike Jones Home Safe in Ireland

Kayaker and Adventurer Mike Jones Home Safe in Ireland

On July 13th, rower and adventurer Mike Jones finally completed his amazing journey around the island of Ireland. Paddling 1,000, miles in 40-days, Mike was aiming to both break a world record and also raise money for the Children’s Sunshine Home and Laura Lynn House– both organizations that care for children with life limiting conditions. Although he was unable to break the world record due to the toughest weather conditions to plague an Ireland summer on record, Mike was still able to successfully complete his journey – placing him among an elite few who have ever completed this amazing task.

On June 4th, Mike set out from his home town of Cobh, Co Cork, Ireland in his 18-foot long sea kayak. With only the supplies he could fit in his kayak, and of course the WaterBlocked iPod Nano we sent along for the ride to keep him company, Mike set out on his own to attempt what few others have ever accomplished- to kayak solo around the entire island of Ireland. Mike battled wind, rain, lack of sleep, and even wild encounters with wild animals along his trip. He was fortunate enough to have help from friends along the way, as well as local members of the coast guard, and even found himself a hot meal from time to time. During his trip, Mike carried with him a GPS tracking beacon, provided by ZAGG before he left, which allowed friends, family, and followers around the world to track his progress. Mike also kept everyone updated frequently through his Twitter, Facebook, and blog pages, posting stories and amazing pictures of his journey all along the way.

When Mike arrived home on the 13th, he was greeted by all of his family and friends. Finishing his journey a little lighter than he started, and with quite a bit more facial hair, Mike was still is high spirits and has spent his time since relaxing and enjoying the time off. We are happy to report that our HZO protected iPod Nano also survived the journey successfully – 40 days on the open ocean, in the hands of a great adventurer, and still going strong! From all of us here at HZO – We have been very excited to be even a small part of Mike’s journey, and are glad to see him back home safe.

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For more information on adventurer Mike Jones, visit his website at https://www.mikejones.ie/.

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