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Significant factors make HZO different from other companies that use parylene to protect electronics from environmental damage. HZO is not a job shop, but rather a total protection solution that is integrated into the manufacturing process. We start engagements by understanding the intricacies of said electronic and the IP rating or other conditions and requirements that the customer needs to achieve. Depending on the project, HZO may provide an IP67 solution for dust and water protection, which we do on a regular basis, but for others we go significantly further.

We put a popular eReader with HZO Protection through 30 hours of submersion testing. HZO is clear that people are not interested in reading underwater, and in fact any electronic with a capacitive touch screen won’t work when it is submerged. Still, we thrive on knowing just how far we can push the boundaries of device protection; giving customers more options to consider and monetize.

Think about outdoor display advertising boards. As the world rapidly converts from vinyl to digital, the owner can only maximize the value of that board when it is up and running. One of our LED customers established its testing requirements that ranged from torrential rain and sleet to the corrosive salt fog found near coastlines. HZO passed with flying colors.

Another well-respected U.S. LED company that is on our prospect list has developed its own test for outdoor LED displays – the typhoon test – to make sure that its boards are able to survive the real world conditions of UV rays, extreme and varying temperatures and vibration.

We’re confident that HZO Protected LED boards will hold up not only to a tropical depression but even in a violent typhoon. Not exactly sure how to reproduce those conditions for testing, but lets do it.

Photo: Charism Sayat/AFP/Getty Images

Photo: Charism Sayat/AFP/Getty Images

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