Love Wearables? Follow These Sites and Don’t Miss a Beat

The relationship between HZO and Wearable Technology goes back a few years. In those early days we were already providing our solution to companies like ICEdot and NavELite to make waterproof wearables, but the term wearable was still relatively obscure, its meaning still loosely defined, its early developers and advocates beating the drum about the market potential with a small population actually listening.

Waterproof Fuelband

How things have changed. Today the landscape and conversation around this booming segment is much different, and about to change even more as Apple prepares to start selling their much anticipated smart watch in April.

So how to keep up with an industry that is growing so fast and evolving so rapidly? How to stay informed about what’s hot and what’s hip in the world of wearable connected tech?

HZO likes to keep a finger on the pulse of the exciting news coming from this space and there are a few terrific news resources we follow that we thought might be nice to share. If you’re interested in all things wearable you’ll definitely want to add these sites to your news feed or bookmarks.



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