Meanwhile, In Silicone Slopes

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HZO is about a 20-minute drive from downtown Salt Lake City in an area dubbed Silicon Slopes. The Slopes part is well understood with most Utah-based companies located at the base of world-class skiing that can be found throughout the Wasatch range. Silicon makes sense as well, particularly if you know that Word Perfect, Novell, and the web analytics pioneer, Omniture, were all founded, nurtured and grown in this area.

It’s been written by others, but Omniture was purchased by Adobe and Silicon Slopes is now the location of its on-line media division. The Adobe building, which is just a few minutes from HZO down the I-15 corridor, is one cool piece of architecture, not just here, but anywhere in the Western U.S.

Beyond clever names and great architecture, HZO’s location on the county line between Salt Lake and Utah counties was not by accident. Our location allows us to draw from a quality pool of engineers and business development talent, continually turned out by the University of Utah and BYU.

Each of the aforementioned companies and universities helped spread the seeds of entrepreneurism across the Slopes, which has been a factor in more and more start-ups cropping up in our area. While HZO is no longer officially a start-up (we’re in our growth stage now – we’ve been around for nearly 3 years with 108 employees and growing revenues), we know we have the plan and spirit for what it takes to become our own major corporation.

HZO in Silicone Slopes

In hiring, HZO looks for a couple of intrinsic traits. The first is entrepreneurism, we want to hire people who think like owners, and second, we look for the trait of enterprise. We search for people who have the drive to help us grow dramatically year over year. We believe our vision to revolutionize where companies and people can use electronics without risk of damage from water, liquids, dust and resulting corrosion has the potential to change where we interact with electronics.

We know we have the technology. And, we know we have the talent. We’re proud to be a part of Silicon Slopes.

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