More Than Just Another Parylene Job Shop

Many parylene protective layering companies are in the business of working with a fairly targeted range and scope of products that can be protected with relatively low complication. There is nothing wrong with this job shop approach–in fact, some industry leaders in Parylene have been operating in this manner for years, and some new comers to the market still only provide protective layering as a service.

There is no denying the power of Parylene protective layers for use on some products, but the material itself is not without its challenges. That’s where HZO has taken a different approach to thin film protective layer by providing more options with a proven technology.

Part of the reason Parylene coatings have not been widely adopted across a broad range of markets is because applying it to complex devices in mass manufacturing has largely been out of reach. Limitations of CVD chamber size and cost associated with the pre and post processes of masking and de-masking has made Parylene a challenge for many industries to even consider.

So now that the material is being reexamined by more markets, and companies like HZO are doing more to serve consumer devices, automotive, and LED products, what kinds of things should digital devices makers keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right protective layering company for its products?


  • Engineering and Product Knowledge: Part of making Parylene successful on certain products means having a thorough understanding of the materials, components, and techniques that go into PCBA design. Having that fundamental knowledge is key, but having access to Parylene process experts who can work along with product engineers is a big step toward project success and product validation.
  • Delivery on Volumes: Yields of the CVD process have been historically low due to relatively small deposition chambers that could not coat many units in a production run. Organizations that are invested in making Parylene coatings more usable have invested heavily in improving equipment performance, and HZO has developed a tool with one of the largest chambers in the market, trimming deposition time to half of what it was when the company started R&D on equipment more than 9 years ago.
  • Material Consistency = Reliable Performance: The demand for ruggedized digital devices is on the rise, and with more businesses, industry professionals and consumers looking to have liquid protection as a key feature, results and reliable performance matter more than ever. Look to the technical specifications as an indicator of how well PCB coatings will hold up, but keep in mind all the other variables that are a natural part of applying conformal protective layers, plasma or other technologies. Good chemical composition delivered by material science experts will go a long way.
  • More than a Protective Layer: A company that delivers Parylene protective layers has to be able to work through the challenges of the material while identifying and executing on new ways to improve performance and efficiency. Sometimes the right solution involves design modifications or changing parts, sometimes Parylene by itself is enough to do the job, and sometimes it is a combination of techniques and materials to get the desired performance. Having a partner that understands that and can adapt on the fly is critical to achieving desired outcomes.
  • Patent Protected: Companies with patents around certain components of their protective coating technology are as a rule invested in improving market conditions, or at least increasing market opportunity. HZO has dozens of patents granted globally with hundreds filed, and is continually pushing the boundaries of possibility through securing protections in regards to process, equipment, chemistry and ecosystem.


HZO works differently than most Parylene companies. Our engineering involvement and deep technical ability is critical, but our innovative drive to take this industry to new heights is at the core of our company mission. Our advances in automation, improved equipment capabilities and ability to license this powerful technology outright to the brands, OEMs and CMs that manufacture digital devices is changing the landscape of Parylene coatings, and companies are taking notice.

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[Post Updated 5/21/20202]

Ryan Moore

Ryan is a 9-year veteran to the world of protecting electronics from harsh environments and a lover of all things technology.

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