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The two recent partnership announcements we made has got us thinking about the blood sweat and tears that it takes to grow a small business like HZO into a viable technology with a strong brand that delivers on the promises it makes to its customers and the markets it serves.

Anyone with an entrepreneurial background, or who has worked for a startup, can likely tell you that building and expanding a business is, well, hard business. As an ingredient brand with a technology that works behind the scenes on existing products, one of the big challenges for HZO is establishing buy-in and recognition for the performance of the solutions we develop.

So we do get excited when we have the opportunity to tie a project’s success directly to the collaboration we undergo with customers and highlight the power of the technology we provide for devices.

But getting customer buy-in from large brands like Motorola and Dell is a journey, and the steps we’ve taken to put the right tools for success in place has and will continue to be an ongoing process that follows this kind of trajectory.

Turning HeadsHZO Waterproof Smartphone

Over the past three years HZO has relied heavily on event participation as a key strategic tactic to raising awareness and educating people around the world about our thin-film technology. Showcasing everyday devices like phones and tablets underwater helped spark the imagination of consumers, the media, and companies looking to integrate new features into their products. If devices really could withstand full and extended submersion, what might the future of devices usage look like?

Increasing Interest

The path to growing our business comes in the form of helping solve pain points for companies that need waterproof and corrosion resistant devices. Over the years we’ve done this by demonstrating our technology to the right audience in the right venue, building a strong thought leadership position in the conversations being had about devices and manufacturing and earning the right to co-brand and co-market with our customers. Our investment in event marketing has helped get us in front of the top brands and manufacturers in the world, and has served as a platform for the discussions that pave the way to projects.

Gauging the Market, Testing the Technology

2015 has seen an unprecedented number of products emerge. All around the world devices are packaged up with some kind of IP (ingress protection) rating, claiming varying levels of resistance to water or sweat by use of a handful of different technologies: silicone conformal coatings, mechanical seals and ultrasonic welding, that while providing good protection, limit design freedom for product developers and engineers.

While companies making water resistant devices have been working with both the traditional (seals) and less expensive (conformal coating) options for protecting devices, HZO has remained laser focused. While continuing to showcase our technology and earn new partners, we’ve also been fine tuning our advanced solution development, expanding systems to accommodate mass manufacturing and validating the performance and reliability of our Parylene protection technology with the businesses that have been willing to invest in solutions that deliver on performance and allow for greater design flexibility.

Delivering the Pot of Gold

HZO Protected Raspberry Pi

We often hear from both existing and potential customers about the experiences they’ve had using traditional conformal coatings or mechanical seals. While both can be viable in certain applications, the story we hear over and over from companies interested in working with us is that despite efforts to make seals and traditional conformal coatings work, products using these technologies often fail when put to use in the real world. After all, IPX7 testing in the lab doesn’t necessarily mean IPX7 performance in real world environments.

While we’re not saying HZO is right for all, there is something to be said about successful implementation of HZO technology, and the feeling that comes with having a truly waterproof device that can be used with confidence. HZO spends a lot of time paying attention the the fine details of the projects we engage in in order to meet the requirements at hand, and exceed the expectations of the partners we work with.

That’s the HZO difference. And yes, the path to where we are today really has seen some blood, sweat and tears in order to create a technology that can really change how people use devices. We’ll just chalk those things up to being occupational hazards on the journey to greatness. Onward!

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