Parylene CVD Services | Should I Choose a Turnkey Solution?

There are many reasons why you may have chosen Parylene conformal coating to enhance your electronic product. The ultra-thin polymer coatings applied to printed circuit boards can resist corrosive gases and other environmental threats and provide beneficial electrical properties, such as insulation and pinhole-free, uniform coverage.

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Whatever the reason, your next decision is to choose a Parylene coating company to partner with for CVD services. While it is possible to integrate Parylene films into your production process on your own, this entails many complicated considerations and can ultimately be a time and cost-consuming method if you are new to the process.

Watch a discussion of all the factors involved in successful Parylene coating processes in the webinar “Parylene – Pros, Cons, and Practicalities”


The Parylene Coating Process


The Parylene deposition process, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), is a distinctive vacuum deposition method that heats a precursor material (Parylene dimer) in a pyrolizer attached to a coating chamber. The material alters into a gas state and deposits on a substrate to form a thin (~2-25 micron) layer at around room temperature.

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CVD polymerization results in uniform, complete, even coverage, even on complicated PCBA topography, and does not require a catalyst, curing, or hardener. Moreover, no by-products are released during polymerization.

cvd process


Advantages of a Turnkey CVD Solution

If you are using Parylene, it might be helpful to consider the benefits of a provider with a turnkey CVD process, such as HZO. We align experts, material science, capital equipment, and processes to produce the best outcome for partners needing a thin film solution.

With a turnkey solution, you can expect a high consistency in coating quality due to increased accountability, personalized service, and a designated account contact. A fragmented approach to coating can lead to a loss of focus for suppliers, while turnkey solution providers have a vested interest in your success.

All of our employees work in close collaboration, making it easier to coordinate tasks, streamline communication to prevent misunderstandings, and achieve a quality coating objective. Case in point, to date, our customers have not experienced a single product return attributed to coating issues, although we have coated several millions of parts.

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Parylene Coatings with HZO

If you have decided to use Parylene and are looking for a partner focusing on your success, reach out today to speak to one of our engineers.

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