The Perfect Valentines Day Gifts For Techies

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Valentine's Day gifts for techiesThe Perfect Valentines Day Gifts For Techies

Valentine’s Day. It’s the official holiday of romance, love, affection… and stress. For most people, Valentine’s Day isn’t the bliss-filled day that countless movies make it out to be. It’s like being back in high school, taking your final exams all over again. Stumped on what you should be getting that special someone in your life this year? Don’t worry – if that person appreciates fine technology (or is a little bit of a nerd) we have the perfect cheat sheet for you. Here are four of our favorite Valentines Day gifts for techies – they’re even guaranteed to last longer than a bouquet of flowers.



Valentine's Day gifts for techiesPink Droid RAZR M– $49.99 (on contract)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Motorola has re-released the Droid RAZR M in a limited edition, hot pink color. This thin, yet rugged device features a 4.3-inch display, a durable Kevlar backing, and a splash-resistant coating that can repel small amounts of water, like a run-in with bad weather or a spilled drink. Nothing says “I love you” like helping your loved one upgrade from that old, embarrassing flip phone they have been carrying around.



Valentine's Day gifts for techiesHMDX Jam Bluetooth Wireless Speaker– $49.99

The HMDX Jam Wireless Speaker is one of the top selling compact Bluetooth wireless speakers currently on the market. This can be attributed to two things: price and sound quality. For $50, you would be hard pressed to find another compact, wireless speaker that can put out more power than this little guy can.



Valentine's Day gifts for techies(PRODUCT) RED Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation– $79.95

This portable little battery allows you to go days on your iPhone, iPad, or other electronic device without being plugged into a wall. The Powerstation can not only extend the life of your device, but also charges more quickly than your average power adapter as well – all while still being small enough to fit into your pocket. Perhaps the coolest part about this (PRODUCT) RED charger is that Mophie is donating 5% of the net profits to the Global Fund to eliminate AIDS, so purchasing this for your loved one for Valentine’s Day doubles as a small donation to charity as well!

Valentine's Day gifts for techiesKensington KeyFolio Executive (Red) for iPad– $99.99

It’s the perfect case for that super-organized iPad owner in your life. This case not only protects your iPad, but also houses a Bluetooth keyboard, adjustable viewing stand, and multi-pocket organizer as well. The only question left is: does it fly?



Valentine's Day gifts for techies(BONUS ITEM!) 8-Bit Rose– $14.99

If you are looking for something a little silly, a little nostalgic, and a lot longer-lasting than a real flower, try this pixelated version. The geek in your life will appreciate the fact that they can display it all-year-round without the fear of it dying. Just don’t have them try and smell it.

From all of us here at HZO, we hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with lots of love, and free from all accidents involving the toilet and/or any other bodies of water! Thank you all for your continued support and interest–you are all amazing!


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