Pool Worthy Protection for Electronic Devices?

HZO technology is all about adding real value to products by making them waterproof, submersion safe and resistant to other corrosive liquids and environments. Whether that value comes as long term cost savings on a production line, product differentiation in a highly competitive market or the ability to give end users the freedom to use electronics in new, exciting ways not possible until now.

An enabling technology should provide new opportunities, and we’ve seen firsthand that what we do creates a risk free user experience that opens the doors to new innovative product designs.

Aside from the solutions HZO offers directly to electronics makers, we are now starting to see trends in different industries aimed at providing security for products. With the advent of water safe wearable technology, clothing companies are starting to integrate solutions that aim to protect our favorite gadgets from the risks associated with day to day activity and recreation.

Recently we came across a different idea by the company Mirage Swim Apparel. In 2015, Mirage plans to release a line of women’s swimsuits that come equipped with  waterproof baggies that fit snuggly under each armpit, calling the feature, “Secret Pocket Swimwear.” These discreet bags claim to securely hold a person’s valuable devices, allowing a fashion-forward sun worshiper the ability to enjoy a dip in the pool or ocean and not worry about water damage. 

This is an interesting safety feature for those who want to have fun in the water and not worry someone walking off with the smartphone they might otherwise leave on the beach or at the side of the pool. It also shows how fashion designers in general are starting to think about ways to help people protect smartphones and music players–some by integrating technology and sensors directly into apparel, others by creating more traditional features. While we applaud any and all efforts to keep products secure, in the end we all know what’s going to happen if that zipper pocket isn’t securely stowed.

It’s products like this that are there as a first line of defense in the battle to protect against water damaged electronics, but in the end there is still a certain amount of risk involved in trusting that a feature like this will do what it’s intended to do.

That’s why HZO is on a mission to change where and how people use products. Emphasis on the word “use,” since that’s exactly what we want people to do with the products we protect: USE them. And use them in places they would have never thought to use them before, uninterrupted, without risk and without worry.

The technical team at HZO spends countless hours and sleepless nights advancing the possibilities of our technology. We like to imagine a world where we have the freedom to go to the beach, the lake, the pool or wherever life takes us without the fear of exposing devices to the elements.

Life moves too fast to worry about damaging electronics simply by living life. While we can appreciate the idea behind waterproof pockets in swimwear, it’s safe to say the team at HZO will likely be sticking to lab coats.

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