Proof Through Validation

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We often reference the fact that we’ve conducted successful validation of our thin-film coating technology solutions on more than 150 unique electronic boards, devices and other electronic components. Over the course of our company’s relatively short history, that equates to about two validations every month. Things tend to move fast around here.HZO Waterproof Validation

While it’s worth noting that the process is vastly more technical and arduous for some electronics when compared to others, it’s a source of pride for the team at HZO to reference  numbers like this as an indicator of the progressive culture and minds within the walls of our company.

So what does it mean to go through a product validation? The process itself falls closely inline with what could be viewed as a normal design cycle. That is, the HZO technical team performs research and analysis on a PCB or component and then develops, modifies, fine-tunes and finalizes a plan for applying our protective thin-film material.

Here’s a basic rundown of how the HZO validation process works:

  •        Test units or design prototypes arrive at an HZO facility
  •        Technicians tear down assembled products to bare electronics (if required)
  •        Perform a full technical and design evaluation
  •        Identify the challenges associated with protecting the PCB or component
  •        Collaborate with partner on changes and potential design enhancements
  •        Develop and implement processes

After these steps are complete, samples go back to our customers for testing, and dependent on the results, serve as the foundation for building a solid process that will protect electronics from drips and sweat to corrosion and full immersion.

Learning about the PCBA or components of a device starts with in-depth analysis, and the same is true for every project. That means that in large part the process of validation begins the same way for all electronics, whether it’s for an aftermarket device that may be used as an HZO demo or a product or prototype that will kick off a new project and partnership.

Successful Validation Leads to More Waterproof Electronics

A lot has changed in the past five years when it comes to the way people interact with their electronics, and being able to understand and develop solutions to protect those products from the dangers of everyday use is why we come to work every day.

The more electronics we work on, the more problems we are able to identify and solve. This mentality is at the heart of HZO’s problem solving nature, and drives our ability to develop working solutions like no other company can.

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