Raleigh’s Baby aka the HZO Shower Tester

Posted on March 26th, 2015 by

IMG_6841If the headline grabbed you, read on. This post is not about one of our superstar metrologists, Raleigh Cao (we’ll write about him in a future post), but rather about his favorite piece of equipment, the brand new and just installed HZO shower tester.

Last week on this blog we highlighted the range of standardized water tests that HZO customers are requesting and the wide spectrum of testing capabilities available in-house through our R&D staff. Before investing in uber pricey pieces of capital equipment, remember we are still a small company, we first listen carefully and understand customer-testing requirements, so we maximize the value of each dollar we spend.

From inception, HZO has focused on demonstrating the superiority of our technology particularly when it comes to submersion events, since we know from our own proprietary research that nearly 2 billion, yep billion, people have lost a device to water submersion. But as we continue to grow and evaluate new opportunities, we realize that some devices, depending on how they will be used and the environmental conditions they may be subjected to, may only require protection from drips, sprinkles and sprays, hence why HZO invested in its own shower tested.

What is the official definition of a shower test? HZO follows the established protocols of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) with a spray +/- 60 degrees and a maximum distance of 200 millimeters. Plus, we ensure that the HZO shower test lasts for at least 10 minutes, which put into perspective is ~20% longer than the average American’s daily shower time of 8.2 minutes. Unlike the shower that the majority of us have at home, the HZO shower head oscillates +/-180 degrees while the device is positioned in the center of the chamber on a rotational pedestal that can be tilted 15 degrees, giving our customers multiple options for the shower test they require.

Electronics taking showers. We’ve come a long way indeed.

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