Raspberry is HZO’s Favorite Kind of Pi

Posted on September 15th, 2014 by

Here’s the thing about nanotechnology. HZO provides a solution that is invisible in most applications, mere microns thin and in many cases applied exclusively to the inside of a device. In other words, it’s really hard to see our technology because it works behind the veil. That means the best way to show the level of security HZO offers is to demonstrate it on devices that people can relate to—things like the Apple iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy, the Amazon Kindle.

Regardless of the product, when people see protected electronics running under water they tend to have the same reaction. We still call it amazement. In order to create a good visual for our ‘hidden’ technology and where it’s applied we explore a lot of products, and this week we wanted to give a quick nod to what has become the HZO demo workhorse: The Raspberry Pi.

This cool little minicomputer is a relatively simple PCB (printed circuit board) that can be bought at many electronics stores for about $35. The raw design of the product caught our attention last year, and we decided to go and buy a handful of them to apply our waterproofing technology. The outcome? Well, let’s just say the rest is history.

HZO Protection works so well with this computer that it serves as the visual mantle piece for almost every event we attend. Not only does the Pi stream our product videos onto a screen attached with a standard HDMI cable, it does so while fully submerged in a variety of corrosive liquids. And if that weren’t enough, we’re happy to report these little gems with HZO Protection haven’t experienced any failures in almost a year of grueling submersion demos.

Our latest run of the Pi was at the IFA consumer technology show in Berlin, and once again the results are remarkable and undeniable. Here are the latest performance stats:

  • Two (2) HZO Protected Raspberry Pi computers both fully submerged in German water that came right from the sink in the Men’s room. Achtung!
  • Show Length: Six Days (6)
  • Exhibition Hours Per Day: Eight (8)
  • Total Time of Successful Submersion: 96 Hours (48 hours for each device)

It’s also worth noting that we reuse these same devices event after event, meaning that during 2014 we have been showcasing a fully functioning PCB computer that has survived hundreds and hundreds of hours (and counting) of submersion.

Amazing? No doubt. A powerful differentiator for new electronics? We believe so. The kind of protection end users are starting to expect? No question.

Do you have a product that could benefit from the world standard in protection from splashes and spills to extended submersion? Contact HZO to learn more. We’re ready, and we have the Pi to prove it.


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