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January 8, 2021

As a member of an electronic product design team, your job is to make products that work as expected. You put time and effort into designing great, sustainable, cost-efficient devices packed with functionality. But what happens when your products deploy into unpredictable environments beyond your control that include corrosives, contaminants, spills, splashes, humidity, pollutants, sulfuric gases, and more?

Unfortunately, what you didn’t (or couldn’t) predict can wreak havoc on all that you planned. If your device has not been adequately ruggedized for harsh environments or protected from home conditions, commonplace threats can short circuit or corrode your product, causing failure. And when your product fails, it can be a nightmare for your industry, your business, or even your job.

Product Repairs are Costly

If you have successfully sold a good number of units, repair costs can be an unwelcome rain on your parade, quickly eroding profits. Repair costs range from $100s to $1000s, and diagnostic fees typically cost $30-$350 per product. While these potential costs are foreboding, repairing electronics products that have been damaged from corrosion or short-circuits can be avoided in the first place with proper protection.

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Refunds Happen When Products Don’t Work as Expected

Up to 40% of online purchases and 10% of in-store purchases get returned. Of the top ten reasons, failure to meet expectations is among the top ten. With waterproofing and moisture-resistance in high demand across every industry, adequate electronic protection is a must.

Warranty Claims are a Headache

Warranty as a percentage of sales varies from 0.5% to 5% of sales for different verticals. Depending on where your product deploys, many environmental factors can contribute to or cause early device failure. One of the best ways to avert warranty claims is to ensure your electronic components operate reliably no matter the environment or the elements encountered.

Service Calls are Expensive and Hazardous

Typical truck rolls can cost companies more than $200 per service call when units ranging from water meters to refrigerators, HVAC equipment, to industrial pumps become corroded and stop working. Many of these calls can be dangerous for personnel, such as an industrial service call to a hazardous environment. Although they are costly and add liability, they aren’t unavoidable. You can prevent many service calls by ensuring that corrosion doesn’t happen with proper product protection.

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Product Liability is a Serious Concern

Product liability is a significant challenge to businesses. In these cases, the median award is $1.5 million, and the average award is $5.1 million. Product liability cases are perhaps most devastating for the medical device industry, with median values greater than $4 million. Many of these cases can be prevented when devices perform, no matter what types of elements they encounter.

Product Recalls Affect Brand Reputation

Although the average cost of a product recall is a staggering $12 million, the real cost comes afterward. Following a product recall, around 15% of customers or businesses wouldn’t purchase the recalled product ever again, 55% would temporarily use a different brand, and 21% wouldn’t buy any brand associated with the manufacturer. Appropriately protecting your devices from environmental threats can ensure that your products work as you have designed, ideally well beyond their useful life.

What you didn’t (or couldn’t) predict can wreak havoc on all that you planned.

HZO Protects Your Products from the Unexpected

Whether you are designing consumer electronics convenience devices that would disrupt daily routines if they were to fail or producing products such as industrial valves where product failure can put lives on the line, good design is critical to keeping electronics functioning. But proper protection is paramount.

HZO works with you to reduce risk at every step of the way, creating a tailored protection solution for your business that ensures your product will meet market and application requirements. Our thin-film coating solutions and nanocoatings deposit directly onto PCBAs and components, protecting them from the inside out while adding minimal bulk and weight. To learn more about the advantages of working with HZO and how you can mitigate your specific risks, contact us today for a consultation.

Good design is critical to keeping electronics functioning. But proper protection is paramount.

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