Rise and Fall of the Premium Smartphone

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Premium smartphones: gigantic displays, curvy screens, shiny casings and much more, right? Well, maybe not much more. As the the mid-range smartphone market continues to expand, the truth about top tier Apple and Samsung devices seems to be coming into focus. Behind the flashy advertisements and extravagant launch parties, a premium smartphone may just be a smartphone with a premium price tag.

So what do you get for the smartphone you just paid an arm and a leg for? It should be able walk the dog, fold the laundry and do your taxes right? Agreed. But unfortunately that isn’t the case. Most of the “premium” smartphones that we ogle over, are merely oversized and slightly modified facelifts of their predecessors.

Now, before anybody gets the wrong idea, let us state for the record that we love our smartphones. We stand in line, and stay up late and we follow announcements religiously to be sure we’re up to date on the latest and greatest. But the rising prices of premium smartphones have us squirming, and we aren’t the only ones. Recently consumer’s expectations have shifted for how much they are willing to pay for a premium smartphone  – not to mention what it should be able to do. 

A few savvy companies have caught on. Motorola, ZTE and Xiaomi for example have released high-quality, uber-functional flagship phones without the inflated price tag – all coming in under $450. Not too bad considering Samsung’s S6 Edge carries an $800+ commitment.

So what can we learn from the shift toward more affordable smartphones? Primarily; the cachet of owning a premium smartphone for “premiums sake” is rapidly diminishing. Consumers care more about functionality than prestige, and aren’t willing to pay a premium anymore for phones that can’t justify the price.

What Consumers Really Want

In a recent piece of market research HZO commissioned, we asked over 600 consumers what features they wanted most in their smartphones, and the results speak for themselves: functionality.

At the top of the request list is extended battery life and stronger screen glass – the things that keep devices active and functioning. Next comes the protection that HZO offers – protection from damage caused by water and other liquids, dust and debris.

These days it seems that consumers don’t want big flashy “premium” smartphones, they want functional devices at a reasonable price. Along with other forward thinking companies, HZO is listening and doing our part to make our technology available to companies and consumers who see the growing importance of waterproof electronics.

The HZO solution provides unmatched protection for electronics. It extends product life, decreases returns due to damage, and enables consumers to use their devices in environments they never thought were possible. All at a reasonable price.

Demand more from your smartphone; demand HZO protection.

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