Rugged IPX-Rated Cases for the New iPhone 5

iPhone 5Rugged IPX-Rated Cases for the New iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is out, hitting the shelves of electronics retailers everywhere last Friday. The expected consumer frenzy became a reality when pre-orders topped 2-million sales in 24-hours. As with any new phone, one of the most important accessories every customer will be looking for (unless they are a little bit of a daredevil) is a case to protect their shiny new device. After all, a $199-$399 phone usually doesn’t just protect itself.

Protect Your iPhone 5 From Water Damage

One of the hottest new trends in mobile devices over the past year has been the introduction of water protection – either through some type of nano-coating or through a device that is actually mechanically sealed against water ingress. With the iPhone 5 having neither of those properties, consumers will look to aftermarket cases to protect their devices from the occasional spill or splash of water that might occur. Although mechanically sealed cases have their faults, being that they are prone to errors in user application and are susceptible to failure in extreme temperatures, and are by no means an ideal solution, they can be a good preventative measure for some accidental water exposure. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular options:


LifeProof cases have been at the top of the rugged case market for some time now, impressing consumers with their decently sleek case iPhone 5design and fun color options. Best of all, they provide phones with some protection from dirt, dust, and water. On the Ingress Protection rating scale (IP Code) from water and dust, LifeProof cases are rated an IP-6. This means LifeProof cases are rated to withstand immersion in water to a depth of 2 meters for 30 minutes – although we don’t recommend pushing any device to those limits unless you are certain your case is on perfectly tight. The only downside to the LifeProof case series is that it can be somewhat complicated to apply and seal. Sometimes there are failures due to user application error or part malfunctions. Besides that, it’s about the best case option currently on the market for consumers looking for something to give their iPhone 5 a little extra protection. They haven’t released their iPhone 5 case series yet, but according to the website it is on its way.

Taktik 5 by Lunatik

IPXThis industrial-looking phone case started off as nothing more than a Kickstarter project, but has now grown in popularity. This sturdy case features a “shockproof suspension system 9mm impact truss + ballastik bezel, upgradable Gorilla Glass lens, Gore Acoustic water + dust resistant mic/speaker covers, photo/flash friendly camera opening, 3.5 HSJ cover made from anodized aircraft grade aluminum, 30-pin plug allows for quick access for charging.” Also according to their website the case has an IP waterproof rating of IPX 5, which means that it is rated for splash protection only, and not meant to be used underwater. This rugged-looking case isn’t yet available for order, but is marked as “coming soon.”

Dry Case

iPhone 5Dry Case, essentially, provides iPhone 5 users with a “vacuum sealed” bag to place your iPhone in that will help protect it from water damage. Although it might not necessarily be called a traditional iPhone case, Dry Case claims on their website to be watertight for up to 100 feet for one hour. Although they do not give themselves any sort of IPX rating, or reference the IP Code at all, that claim would far surpass the requirements for a rating of IPX8. At a mere $39.99, each, Dry Case may not look all that pretty, but it might be a good option for those looking for something rugged. Since this is able to stand up to fairly extreme water exposure, this might be a good option to try if you like pushing boundaries and don’t kind carrying around a plastic bag.

Beware of the Sink

There is nothing worse than purchasing a new toy, only to have it take a disastrous dive into a sink full of soapy dishes. Yet, beyond these cases there aren’t many options right now that protect us against this possible disaster. As time passes post-iPhone 5 release, we will probably see more options for good, rugged or splash-proof cases- but for now, be careful!

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