Salt Spray down the Jersey Shore

Posted on September 9th, 2015 by

HZO is no stranger to taking on challenges. In fact a large portion of our validation and testing processes focus on putting devices ‘through the ringer’ to see just how much they can take, so when they are put into action in real life,  they continue performing. From extended submersion testing, to swim simulations to wildly aggressive salt fog testing, HZO protected devices see it all.

But as you may guess, test situations and real life applications can be very different. Recently HZO had the opportunity to put our technology to the test by partnering with electric sign manufacturer YESCO to protect a number of digital signboards at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. Besides protecting the electronic signs from the usual environments like, rain, extreme temperatures and dust, HZO also was confronted with a less common, but even more damaging offender, salt spray.

The Tropicana sits just steps from the New Jersey shore, and due to its scenic – and somewhat vulnerable location – it is constantly bombarded with salt spray coming off the Atlantic. Salt spray is largely responsible for the corrosion and ultimate failure of electronics near coastlines, and it doesn’t take an electrical engineer to realize that a naked gigantic electric sign wouldn’t last long in that kind of environment.

Before YESCO selected HZO, we once again put our technology to the test to prove its reliability. Multiple HZO protected LED boards were put through an extremely aggressive salt spray test (much more than it would ever be exposed to at the Shore) to see how long they would last. HZO kept the test running for 72 days with the boards functioning perfectly. Not shabby, considering the testing standard for salt spray is only 7 days (ASTM B117).

Next time you’re down the Shore, stop by the Trop to see what’s going on. HZO certainly is proud to be the protection on its outTropicana LEDdoor digital signs.

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