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When we started scanning our surroundings – from automobiles to mobile phones and oil pipelines to college campuses – we found a commonality. Any guesses on what that might be?

These categories and many many more are continuing to design sensors into their products and environments at accelerating rates. The reason? At a basic level, designing in sensors helps “sense conditions”, thus improving product performance and efficiency. Depending on the product and its connectivity, it can also help explain human behavior, even if the user cannot articulate it himself.

Protected Sensors

At HZO we are particularly keen on the explosion of sensors in wearables that provide feedback to users with the intent of improving fitness and ultimately, health. HZO considers itself fortunate to provide the water and sweat protection for two of the most popular wearables manufactured to date.

There are many industries that may benefit by using HZO to protect their sensors, but one that we continue thinking deeply about is automotive. It is mind boggling to think that cars designed today have more computer chips than the first space ship and a computing power equal to 20 PCs.

MEMS Journal noted that today’s cars have between 60 and 100 sensors and is estimated to grow to 200 sensors by 2020. Auto sensors are included throughout the vehicle to assess vehicle safety, provide diagnostics and ensure occupant needs. Every time you start your engine, the sensors kick into action and one by one fade to black as said sensor communicates with a computer and everything is determined to be in order.

Just think what will happen when autonomous vehicles go broad market and are required to navigate, brake and avoid collisions – all on their own – requiring multiples of sensors on top of sensors.

If you are designing a product complete with sensors, HZO can work with you to design a solution that provides protection from dirt, debris, water and other liquids. Gentleman, start your engines.


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