Size Matters, But Not to HZO. We’re Impartial.

UnknownHave you noticed the zigzagging trend when it comes to the screens in our lives?

Way back when, TVs were big and so were desktop computers. Not to insult innovation, but neither were particularly powerful or beautifully designed.

TVs started getting smaller; slimming down too. Computers went from desktop to laptop, as we demanded portability and the freedom to work from anywhere.

Enter the handheld mobile, the granddaddy to current cell phones if we are marking time in generations. What started as an invention that looked more walkie-talkie than hunky, and far from in-your-pocket portable, has turned into an on-going labor of elegant industrial design with a beautiful high-resolution screen.

Even MP3 players, remember those? MP3s started by most peoples’ standard as a modest size and quickly bifurcated – the bigger size with the large display to park an entire music collection, kicking jewel cases to the curb, and “the tiny”, a device so small there was no room for a screen. Its owner had to exercise her mental muscle, remembering what songs were loaded on the device, in sequential order. What a downer. That was a mere decade ago.

Finally the tablet. Ah, yes, the tablet. We all needed a hi-res 9-10” screen tablet to surf, play games and watch movies — the same things we do with our phones, but find the screen too small to really enjoy for long periods of time.

Then, screens start growing again. You need at least a 46” screen to get the benefit of Aaron Rodgers fine throwing arm on any given Sunday afternoon. The practically archaic, two-year old cell phone with a 3.5” screen seems impossibly passé with the entry of the significantly larger screen phablet.

Bottom line? No matter the size of the electronic with any size screen, HZO has the engineering know-how and intellectual property to keep it safe from liquids, dust and resulting corrosion. Proof? Look at the new LED sign at the Tropicana in Atlantic City. More on that project in another post.

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