Slow Motion Underwater Footage Shot with HZO Protected iPhone 6: Is it Summer Yet?

hzo_waterproof_iphone_6One of the great features of the Apple iPhone 6 is the ability to shoot 240 frames per second slow motion video. Millions of people have shot their own slow motion masterpieces, but how many have shot slow motion video underwater…without a case? Our guess is probably no one. We recently treated some iPhone 6’s with HZO Protection and decided to put them to the test in a chlorinated pool.
The iPhone 6 was surprisingly easy to use both in the pool and underwater, despite not being designed for any sort of water exposure. Using the “volume up” button as a shutter trigger made the ability to shoot underwater footage seamless and almost natural, as if Jony Ive had actually intended it to be used in the pool. The slim design made the phone easy to cut through water, but still maintain a good grip so it wasn’t lost in the deep. And thanks to the new size of the iPhone 6, it even served nicely as an impromptu paddle when maneuvering around the pool.
People shoot footage on their phones when hiking, at a concert, a race or a party. So why should we have to limit our memory capture to dry activities? HZO believes that living in an HZO Protected World means you should be able to take your devices everywhere, with no caution or limits to the environment. We’re working hard to make that vision a reality, so you will never miss capturing your child’s belly flop…whether you’re in or out of the water.

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